June Bridals lace decorated with backless styled items for the wedding

“KAGEMUSHA”…©2017 by K.W. Mays
Alan listened as two of the girl’s kidnappers withdrew across the bridge. Headed no doubt to the construction worker camp called Davis Camp where those men, and no telling how many others had been holding her. Little did he, or anyone else know for that matter, that the girl had come too. Huddling with fear in Alan’s trailer bathtub. Of course, calling it a bathtub was a bit of a joke actually. It being no more than an oversized shower pan placed to prevent shower water from rotting the trailers floor. June Bridals lace decorated with backless styled items for the wedding
But what had really brought her too was the gunshot. That first shot that took the head out of pursuer one. At that she frantically crawled out of the tub and stumbled around the darkened trailer clanking along amount the numerous whiskey bottles that were scattered all over the place. What a bunch of slobs she thought as she managed to stub her toe on a table stand and fall onto some sort of bed stand.
It was on top of that bed stand that she found the pistol. She was also there when she heard shots number two and three.
“I guess,” she imagined, that whoever had carried her into the trailer had been shot by her kidnappers as well. Taking the pistol, she crawled back into the tub. This time she would defend herself.
Pops watched from concealment as he saw the man come around the trailer and go inside. He was almost at the door when he heard a gunshot from inside and a hideous howling scream. A man’s scream. Evidently the girl had come to. Probably found Alan’s pistol and shot her pursuer.
About that time the man burst from the trailer door. Another well timed flash of lightening displayed his face, twisted into a shape of extreme agony. His entire crotch area had been blown out and his trouser legs was covered in blackened blood.
He looked at Pops with wide and terrified eyes. Pops smiled back, a very comforting and peaceful smile. A reassuring smile one might say. Then he swung his knife. Slicing the man’s throat nearly through. Not enough for the head to pop or topple off. Just enough for it to fall sideways giving the briefly still functioning eyes and brain a rather cock-eyed view of the world. And perhaps a chance to think, “What the hell is happening to me?”
Alan came around the corner just as the man’s body crumpled to the dust. But Pops stopped him from going inside.
“What here,” he said. “Let me deal with her first. Perhaps I’ll be less frightening to her.”
Alan stopped, nodded and Pops proceeded inside. He then withdrew and hid, just in case there were others.
(to be continued)