June Bridals white color prom selections with lace


So, I have a serious question. All day today I was having cramps (like usual when I am about to start my period) but to the point it made me sick to my stomach (which is abnormal). So, while at work I suffered and dealt with it just assuming I was in the midst of starting. Well, about 10 hours later and still no period, just lots of white, oderless, creamy but thick discharge (meaning no chunks) is this normal or could this be an early sign of pregnancy? I didn't get cram June Bridals white color prom selections with lace ... ps from implantation with my daughter but I was also only on the pill when I became pregnant (gotta love antibiotics messing everything up). Well, I am currently using an IUD so I can't really mess it up with medications. I just want to know if this sounds like a symptom, I am waiting until 5 days from now to test just to make sure I am not just late from being stressed.

rpt: *shannon*

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