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We must apply the scriptures and bring it all up to date. Remember that there was a famine in the land and how Joseph's father and brother had to go to Egypt for good? Well, there's a famine in the land NOW. "Oh well we have an abundance of food!"

No, we don't.

We have an abundance of processed food PRODUCTS, food STUFFS, GMO foods. Even the SEEDS are genetically engineered so vegans and vegetarians aren't safe either. I haven't seen # WhatTheHealth but if you've seen one fo ... od documentary you've seen them all. And if you haven't seen any but study the scriptures in depth, you know and understand the prophecy of the times we're in right now. "Man shall not live by bread alone...", this is true or we'd ALL be dead right now. bohemian style gowns for formal party show

Do the best you can. Eat right for YOUR blood type, and live your life. We won't take this body with us, however we can be as healthy as possible to fulfill our purpose for being here on earth.

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Are You Eating Right For Your Blood Type? | Nicole R Boisseau | Intuitve Energy Healer The other day I ate something that I shouldn't have. My blood type is A+, which means that the best diet for me is a plant-based diet. If I choose to eat meat