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Both of my personal dogs got kennel cough recently (not from our hospital, thank goodness we haven't had any cases from here yet). I can tell you it is miserable. One is a dry, harsh cough that sounds so painful. The other is coughing up globs of thick mucus and also seems perfectly miserable. Add to that the humans in the house are getting little sleep as this coughing/sputtering goes on through the night. I have treated them with 4 different medications, but it pretty much has to run it's course. I can't say that I've made much difference with my treatment. Good news is that they are still eating/drinking and seem to otherwise feel fine. Will be so thankful when it's over as I'm very tired! Please just call if you think your dog is suffering as well and we can advise or prescribe meds without contaminating the hospital! boho items to wear for a formal occasion

Pet parents be aware: a highly contagious strand of Kennel Cough is on the rise in Montana The vet's office has some troubling news for dog owners.