diamond wedding dresses

Excitement and Fear

Engaged....she was ENGAGED! Sitting in her office she tared at her hand ,her eyes roving over the ring that fit perfectly.Tilting her hand this way and that she smiled as the light played over the diamonds,not because of the size of the ring but from whom it had come.Dorian. She had never been so surprised as when he ,while sitting with her ,Jagger and Jo had simply turned to Jagger and ASKED if he could claim her.Normally that word,in that way would have had her u and walking away, instead she melted.Jo had screamed and she had needed to blink several times to clear the tears from her eyes. She nodded as he slipped on the ring ,breathlessly saying yes and then hearing Jo squeal . Suddenly Dorians arms were around her ,squeezing as he cried out in happiness and she could not stop smiling. She was getting married..and to the man she had fell head over heels n love with. She had so many thoughts racing around in her head..Making room for him at the penthouse OR them getting a house. Would he want to live in the penthouse until they planned a family THEN buy or build a house? What side of the bed did he sleep on? Which closet should she give him...how many clothes did he have? There were so many questions that she was going to have to get a book to write them all down,otherwise she would forget! diamond wedding dresses

Once the initial rush had ended Jagger had offered for a double wedding..BUT every woman wanted her day and Jos wedding was hers,besides Jo didnt want to wear shoes. Smiling s she thought of the foot decor she had for her best friend...So much for NOT spending a lot on the footwear. Speaking of footwear ,which of her shoe closets would need to be emptied out..Or could she simply place his in one of them with hers? She had never thought of it but now the question of just how much space a man needed seemed very important.

Closing her eyes she allowed her thoughts to go to weddings,music..colors...inside or outside, formal or informal..She laughed as she thought of stepping to a hall to call out that dinner was ready and a perfect smaller version of Dorian ran into the room ready to eat and..OH GOD SHE COULD"T COOK!! How was she going to marry this wonderful man and not be able to cook? Panic set in as her eyes popped open allowing her wide eyes to race around the room.Reaching for the phone she dialed the third floor kitchen to speak to the Chef...Once she had him on she spoke of the need for a meeting and hung up.After she calmed she realized the poor man probably assumed that HE had done something wrong..Dang it..As she was reaching for the phone she was informed that said chef was awaiting her attention.Shaking her head with a sigh,an apology on her lips she had him shown in...Maybes after he stopped laughing he could help her.