green evening party selections

G L A M O U R ? . My vintage 1940s dressing gown makes me feel like a Hollywood Starlet. I found it at an estate sale for $25 a few years ago and the seller told me it was his mothers dressing gown on her wedding day. He then showed me the photo of his mom in the matching wedding dress and she was beautiful. Its always cool when you get a backstory on a vintage piece. The seller brought out the wedding dress and it was pristine and just as beautiful as it was in the 40s. He kin ... dly asked me if I could try it on and to my amazement, it fit perfectly. It made me so happy to see the look on his face seeing me bring his mothers wedding dress back to life so I bought it with the dressing gown. I would have felt bad breaking up the set. Best part? He gave me both for $25 a piece. Every time I get the itch to sell the wedding dress I end up keeping it. Don't think I'll get to use it haha. The dressing gown stays for sure. Shoes are vintage, thong is green evening party selections Secrets In Lace . ??

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