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Sometimes life doesn't turn out how you planned. What began as a week planned to rest and recover from visiting family out of town ended up with the kids and I arriving home 2 Sundays ago to my husband, David , with a tummy bug, baby shoes arriving in the mail for a planned FB pregnancy announcement for baby #10, the next day 12-weeks-pregnant me starting to show signs that pointed to the possibility of a miscarriage, catching the tummy bug myself the day after that and being sick for several days, and 7 kids catching the bug.

As my miscarriage symptoms drug out over the next several days, there were lots of tears and prayers that maybe this wasn't a miscarriage after all, then suddenly I hemorrhaged yesterday after lunch and David rushed me to the Connolly ER. My blood pressure on arrival was 70/34, the great folks at Connally got me stabilized, and I finished the day by getting transferred to Methodist Hospital Stone Oak where I finally received the news that we had lost our precious, hoped for, already much loved little one.

Do you know what I was reminded of during this last 10 days? That my Heavenly Father loves me so and is always right there waiting to hold me through my tears, that I have great family, friends, and church family that are ready to jump in the gap when needed, and that life is precious and we aren't promised tomorrow.

Friends, don't wait until tomorrow to apologize to your husband because he aggravated you today. Hold your children close, focusing on their successes rather than getting caught up in their challenges. Stop looking for the perfect church with the perfect people and instead, jump in at your local church and love those imperfect people with all you've got.

Last, don't wait until tomorrow to start a relationship with God or grow in the one you've got. Start now. Download the Faith Comes by Hearing app and start listening to the Bible today. Because that's what I was doing when things finally settled down at 2 am this morning. While my tears flowed during the quiet, early morning hours and my heart grieved the baby I had lost, I laid in my hospital bed listening to the Psalms. I am so grateful for God's beautiful words that were balm to my battered heart. His words are there waiting to comfort, encourage, and strengthen you, too. how to get sexy wedding wears which won't cost much