ice blue colored items to wear for the maid of the bride

Little Ricky, why are you moving your bed into the shower? Well, Lucy, I just felt like I wanted to relocate. I've had this particular bed in that same spot for a while. I need something new to look at. Well. Little Ricky, I guess you can look at the drain in the shower. That should be lots of fun. Ricky, don't worry, I am not going to tell on you because this is not big enough news to start any trouble. Mommy doesn't care where you put your bed. Hey Lucy, do you want t ... o move your bed in here with me and we can camp out together? I will share all my bones with you Lucy. Are you nuts Little Ricky? Do you know what crawls in and out of that drain? Monsters, Little Ricky. Snakes, mice, sharks, bugs, frogs, kittens, alligators, and monkeys and sometimes even a gorilla. You better be very careful, Little Ricky. Oh my gosh Lucy, are you sure? How could a gorilla fit through that tiny drain? See, that's the thing, when they want to get someplace bad enough, they can squeeze their bodies to the size of a quarter, then they fit through the drain and then they are 500 pounds again. Geez, Lucy I am really scared now. Well, you should be Little Ricky, the shower drain is a dangerous place to play. Are you sure you are telling me the truth Lucy? It would be really mean if you were lying to me after I schlepped my whole bed into the shower. I am going to ask Mommy if gorillas and sharks really come in the shower drain. If you are lying to me, I am going to make you pay. Hey Lucy, yes Little Ricky, you have a big, fat, ass that now waddles from expansion. ice blue colored items to wear for the maid of the bride
Little Ricky

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