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Today's testimony of God's supernatural healing is my 7 year old daughter's, Melody Joy.

Four months ago, she woke up with a painful red spot on her thigh. She got a sudden high fever and vomitted. I took her to the doctor thinking it was a spider bite turned staph infection. He put her on a sulfur antibiotic, which she had been on 4 years earlier and got healing with. This time, she became hyper and developed painful sores in her mouth. Stopped the medicine and the sores and mouth pain went away.

For 2 months she kept having pain in her nose (didn't see anything) and would break out in a rash from head to toe if she got hot. I would put her in a bath with essential oils and it would disappear. She would randomly get itchy white spots on her, I would treat those the same way and they'd go away.

So, a month ago in June, she began to have a small red, crusty patch coming out her nose and on the back of her neck on her hairline. I started treating them naturally, thinking it was something from the pets. It would get better for a little bit, then her body would revolt and the patches would spread and itch and hurt worse! After 2 weeks her face, neck, back and chest we're covered in these spots. She was lethargic and in much discomfort.

I contacted my good friend, Alice Delphenis Coker, whom is the healthiest person I know. She asked about the medicine Melody had been on. I read the small print warnings on the info. sheet about the medicine. It said that in rare cases, someone can develop Anderson-Johnson Syndrome. I looked up the symptoms and pictures online and it perfectly matched Melody's situation. It is basically where the sulfur sets the body on fire from the inside out!!! She was literally burning internally and now through her skin!!!! I was horrified!!!

I called Alice. She said that I might need to take her to the hospital. I researched Dr. protocol for this condition. They suppress the already compromised immune system, which causes the body to further rebel, causing the entire body to develop into a giant blister! The skin peels off completely!!! No way did I want to take a child with an already compromised immune system and patches of skin that were open into the germiest place, for them to further deteriorate her little body's ability to heal it's self!!!

Through much prayer, Jimmy Melissa Wheeler Gonzalez and I decided to feed her body what it needed!!! Nutrition!!!! And the best way for her to receive quick healing, was the best food supplementation in the world... SHAKLEE!!!!

Through Alice's guidance, we ordered OPTIFLORA Pre and Probiotic, VITAMIN C, LIQUI-LEA, BASIC-H2 and HERB-LAX. I had them overnighted. Before they arrived, her head started hurting and she was dizzy. I prayed and prayed and had such peace despite the sadness and weariness. Through it all Melody would sing, "Every little thing is gonna be alright!" She was so peaceful and kept reassuring me not to worry cause God loves us.

The next day, as soon as the supplements came in, I gave her the 2 PART OPTI-FLORA on an empty stomach. Within 5 minutes, a white chunk, looked like a spider egg sack, came out of her nose and she said it wasn't hurting anymore. I gave her the other 3 supplements with food. Then, I put her in a bath with BASIC-H, where she played in the bubbles. She called me in the bathroom and started skirting me with water and laughing a deep belly laugh!!!! She had not laughed or played like that in 2 weeks!!! Within 3 HOURS, she was 50% better!!! The sores closed up and the crustiness was disappearing!!!! I continued giving her the Shaklee 2 more times that day. long Floor-length prom formal wears in red

Melody woke me up in the middle of the night and said, "It's a miracle!!! Praise God!!!", while showing me that the spots were almost gone!!!!

By the next day, she was 75% better!!! We continued this protocol for 2 weeks to heal her gut and build up her immunity and support her continued internal healing. I continue to give her the OPTI-FLORA and will share next week where she's at now with her healing and what she's taking.

I want to praise GOD for His healing and faithfulness!!! Thank you, Jimmy Melissa Wheeler Gonzalez for holding the faith and staying the course when fear was shaking me!!! Thank you Alice Delphenis Coker for your prayers, support and guidance!!! Thank you to all my prayer warriors for checking on and praying for us!!!


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