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FQ: I had a pretty bad episode of backpain this weekend that sent me into convulsion like spasms and my body was paralyzed for about 20 minutes. In the ER, I stressed the fact that I was nursing still, and would try to fix this without meds as much as possible. A back Xray fom 3 angles showed nothing visibly wrong, but my muscles are very tight pulling my spine to be a little crooked. long floor-length prom collections for short petite girls

I've got to take something, Im hurting reeeeally bad. They gave me narco, which is a lower ... dose of vicodin. The muscle relaxer is said to be somewhat breastfeeding safe, I think its called Baclofen?

How does pump and dump work? If I take meds before bed, are they out of your system by morning or do you need to flush out the first feeding after you take it? How long does medicine generally stay in your system that you should worry about it in your milk? Should I pump and dump the entire time Im on the meds and just get donor milk in the meantime?
(I have 160oz of donor milk)


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