mother of the bride dresses for beach wedding

I love you all always. I had such an amazing calm morning the day of my wedding. I owe that all to those tagged in this post. Massage by specialist and dear friend mother of the bride dresses for beach wedding Erin Gregory , laughs, love, hugs and light by Tammy De Leon who knew to keep it on a natural curls mission Beach Holiday, Billie Boricuaness and my sis Yvette Iris amazingness of Diosa de Oro _ Goddess Glow. My girl Thy Thoeut was a phenomenal bride assistant who helped me get ready in my Italian Beach Diosa Wedding Dress and Gold Bow Belt Boricuanized by Ada Rodriguez who made my communion dress and quince dresses. My mother-in-law Myra is the best. She made sure I had my sugars right with fresh fruit, my Madrina Yasmin Lucas-Rivera made sure i had a good sandwich to calm my nerves. Mami Elsa Vega-Perez had the Boricua Cafe brewing, chanted for my big day, Titi Maria Vega had made gifts for the girls, Britt Bee took care of my girls and kicked off make up with my bella step-mijita Niani Akilah Ife and Kyle Richard took care of mijo DeMetrius Regino the rest of the fellas needing grooming and Renae Anlair made sure we were all smooth in Nae butter and kept me on point, Belle Rivera such an amazing wedding planner and decorator who helped direct our vision with a strong team of love from Titi Isa Nelson Perez and Tio Roberto Rivera thanks for making it look how Wela, muja and I sat and visioned Maya Santamaria for managing Club Villa Rosa You had my back Stephanie Weisberg Bride assistant flower mission and @Jay Miller for everything and beyond ? forever blessed and grateful. Those memories are Very special to both Muja and I. Thank you for supporting and blessing our love. Amazing photos by Cypha Squad thank You!