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Been thinking:
1. Why do darkies not believe in lightning rods (to prevent lightning striking their homes)?
2. Why do we (darkies) in rural/farms not learn more about the environment to prevent ourselves from getting poisoned:
a.) never leaving shoes/boots in open overnight
- scorpions/button spiders/ snakes will nestle inside
b.) always having a walking stick to create vibration preventing counter surprising snakes/scorpions/sleeping wild boar
c.) wear long (knee high/soccer or rugby length) thick socks to blind snake infrared sight of flesh to strike on
d. Burn dried gum tree leaves in a pan to chase out rodents and reptiles from under cupboards, fridge etc
3. Why is there a problem with planting a tree per household in our rural villages?
4. Basic maintenance of ablutions:
a.) pit toilets to be walled on sides to prevent rain water from entering
b.) throw in piece of fat once every season to control culture in pit
It will never fill, not in a hundred years.
5. Community to invest in a borehole and a walled tank to hold water during dry seasons
6. Bring back field rangers that report to the headman to manage :
a.) communal grazing fields
b.) dipping of communal livestock
c.) replanting of indigenous forest
d.) protection and control of wild life hunting
e.) fencing of ploughing fields
f.) ploughing of fields

This would bring down loss and damages to households, create food security and security of livestock investment. Good health and hygiene would result in positive spinoffs. over size garment for bridesmaid in modest style