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Random wedding post #5.

I was informed yesterday that I will be dressing into my tux at the church. Cool, no problem.

However, let's analyze this. My daughter (the most beautiful bride ever...I'm not just saying that, she'll truly was voted most beautiful bride ever by me and my wife...or, should I say "Her mother and I"), her Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids and other female attendants have this massive dressing room. The Bride's Room. It's fill with curved couches, full length mirrors, make-up stations...the works. Carrie Underwood would be jealous.

Us guys, well, we are dressing in the "Groom's Room". It's ok, I'm not really complaining. Let's just say that it works. It is small, relative to the Rockstar (err, Brides) Room. I think it has a mini-frig, and some folding chairs. Let's face it, all we need to do is throw on a jacket, clip on a bow-tie, and run a brush through our hair-if that. Like I say, we're guys...that's about all we need.

So here's my plan. While Josh and the boys are enjoying the Groom's Room, I'll be elsewhere.

I've decided I needed my own "Father of the Bride" Room. So get this...

I'm mentioning this now for the first time ever. I've worked out a deal with Asbury and have secretly secured my own dressing room at an undisclosed location in the church. I promise it will be hard to don't even try it. There are more doors to go thru than the opening scene of Get Smart. It will be fully equipped with a 60" flat screen, a recliner, a large frig full of drinks (of the non-alcoholic kind...come on guys, this is at a church), and a nacho bar. I'll probably be watching the British Open and other sporting-type events. prom formal garments with affordable price

Take that Bride's Room.

Of course, I'll be working on taking off those last few pounds (which will be tough with a nacho bar nearby), working on my father/daughter dance moves, make sure all the LED candles are ready, and practice saying "her mother and I".

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