prom garments in white color

Hi please can I have a post on your page?

I had the Jaydess coil fitted on the 12th May, all was fine had a bit of uncomfortable cramps, some spotting and sore boobs for a few days (was told to expect that)

Recently Every time I stand up I get really light headed to the point I have to hold on to something or sit back down till it passes or I feel like I'll collapse, I have a very heavy feeling in my lower abdomen, I'm extremely tired all the time (I put it down to having a prom garments in white color ... 2 year old at first, but she sleeps great so I don't think it's anything to with her) apparently I'm moody too , so my OH says,
I've not had a period since it was fitted either but that might be normal.

Basically I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with the coil or if I should visit my GP?
Thank you for reading (UK)

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