prom selections in black

i normally don't do this. but here is my public service announcement, in case to avoid problems for others. everyone knows that my daughter Emily had her wisdom teeth out and a skin graft on the roof of her mouth almost 3 weeks ago. DR SANTIN IN GREEN...Beware of him. Her graft is white and burns. Saturday she was bleeding so badly i almost took her to emergency. Her back wisdom teeth is so wide open bone exposed but that will go away in about 18 months. she can't eat, and can't even drink anything cold. he tells her to keep on taking the 16 advil and 8 tylenol daily..her stomach is burning constantly. She never does not have pain, and it is pain, not just soreness. The office folk..well i guess my child is just too much of a whiner. yeah, that went over like a rock. WE are looking for a new oral surgeon who might give her some relief. I am just so upset that she has to go thru this. But i can tell you this much...this will not go unoticed. Hell hath no fury like a mama who's child has been injured. prom selections in black