royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

I went to the eden clinic and got a pregnancy test done(urine) it at first showed positive but then it went away so the lady pulled out another test and did it again and it was negative right off the bat. She proceeded to tell me that I'm not pregnant that I had blood in my urine and that's probably why my test said positive at first, she said that with my body coming off of deposit provera that my body just tricks me into thinking I'm pregnant even when I'm really not. I've ... been off depo now since April 3rd 2016 I know it can still be in my system , however I haven't had a period only light light spotting which only last for like an hour sometimes a little longer. Mainly just when I wipe, my boobs are completely swollen, sore and their veiny. I've had a baby before so I know what my boobs looked like when I was pregnant. She told me to go to the doctor to findout for sure but she doesn't think I am. I'm wondering if I could still be pregnant or not? Has anyone else went through any of this? royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

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