silver and grey mother of the bride wears

Isomirization of carbohydrates just def,GAGS, huller and hunter syndrome, Classification of lipids, lipids peroxidation, phosphatidic acid and its imp, function of Cholestrole, gangliosides, plasmogens, hemolytic jundice, porphyrias, thelesemia, hemophilia, essential and non essential amino acids, properties of Tags, properties of amino acids, importance of fibers, essential fatty acids and their importance, iorn, calcium, selenium, marasmus ... and kwashkor diseases, regulation of enzymes, importantnce of Km, cardiac marker enzymes (table from sattya), inhabitors of enzymes with clinical examples (lovastatin, hmg coa etc), vit D with role of calcium, folate trao hypothesis, funtions of pyradoxamine, folic acid, functions and metabolism of vit. A, Role of Vit k in coagulation factors, 3D disease, werniki korsikof disease, lipid rafts, gibs donin equilibrium, surface tension def, viscocity def, ph and hesenburg equition, names of buffer systems, biocarbonate buffer system, peroxisomes, silver and grey mother of the bride wears

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