taupe colored items to wear in the wedding

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Hi mommies i have a question.... I have an appointment monday but i reallt need to know if anyone has gone through anything similar.
I've been breakthrough bleeding and brown spotting for a month now. With some cramping sore breasts and nausea. The spotting ranges from only when i wipe to full out clotting ( full bleeding has only happened 5 days out of the month exactlg in the middle) i've taken 5 pregnancy tests and only two faint positives so i dismissed it as an evap. Im not on birth control hormonal or otherwise. I already have a son. My doctor is convinced i must be expecting again which is all i want more than anything as ive been trying for 6 months. But my family is convinced its the starting of uterine cancer. Any thoughts? taupe colored items to wear in the wedding

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