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???? Continuing to deadlift throughout my pregnancy. In order to deadlift safety during pregnancy ...
-I have dropped my usual weight by 30% to 80kg
-I am using bigger plates for shorter range of movement
- I am taking longer rest periods
- I am being more mindful of technique and posture when i lift.


???? Why deadlift during pregnancy? ????
Deadlifts strengthen your Posterior chain.
As your Centre of gravity moves to the front during pregnancy it's very important to develop Upper and lower back strength that will support your growing baby, lower the risk of back pain, prevent posture imbalances and also prepare you for all the bending and lifting as a new mum. vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s

???? Please remember that I am a strong, confident and experienced lifter. What feels “light” or like an “easy workout” for me may not be for you.
Use common sense and self awareness.
Go at your own pace and chose exercises and weights that are right for you.

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