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We are welcomed into the finale with the vintage clip from the original novela which morphs into the present day opening and the absolutely beautiful Pedro and Fiorella's theme, Adonde va Nuestro Amor.

We are flung immediately into the gasoline-soaked foyer where the prostrate Fidel lies, still unconscious. Suddenly we see Pedro wrestling Freddie for the lighter and he seems to be having a hard time subduing her. There is an awkward edit or either I blinked for a long time but instantaneously Freddie has been apprehended by several dudes. She curses the family as she is dragged out. Everyone is there holding their noses and complaining about how the place reeks of gasoline. There is light chatter about how Freddie should have been in prison and a freshly showered Fidel is briefly scolded about the lax security. He apologizes and offers the excuse of the family emergency. Pedro excuses him. Pilar frets that Freddie will come back. The scene is rounded out as the family announces they're all going back to bed and P-yew! it smells in there. Simoneta gets to clean the whole mess up as they scurry away.

The next morning, the whole family gathers in the spic and span foyer to bid Fiorella, Pedro and Sergio arrivederci as they head off to Maretea, Italy!

Aaaaaaah! We are swept away to the beautiful sun washed hills of Maratea, Italy, a lovely city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Fiorella did not exaggerate the beauty of her hometown, there are houses sprinkled like jewels on the verdant hillsides, mountains and the impossibly crystalline, sapphire sea. The beautiful alabaster white statue, Christ the Redeemer welcomes Fiorella and Pedro with open arms.

My friends, the dialogue is truly inconsequential and I'm not trying to be snarky here. The real star of this episode is the breath taking beauty of Maratea. We tour the beautiful city accompanied by vignettes of Pedro and Fiorella; Gianna and Gael; Julieta, Santino and Sergio:

Julieta, Santino and Sergio sample wedding cake and monkey around in a bridal shop.

Gianna nearly drags Gael to see her former Dr. in Maratea! He took care of her all her life since she was a little baby! She hugs him and a female associate warmly and updates them on her transplant. They are joined by Pedro and Fiorella. Hugs and kisses all around.

Pedro and Fiorella visit Christ the Redeemer statue and then pray in a church to San Biagio. She thanks him for all he has done for her, allowing her to meet the marvelous Pedro, and finding her birth parents, Julieta and Santino. She asks, not for a futbol team, but just for a bambino and a bambina.

Gael and Gianna sit sea side at a rocky beach. Gianna is pretty with her hair braided up and back at the temples. She wears a floral frock and Gael is in shorts. Gael remembers that Osvaldo loved the sea. He admits he misses Osvaldo, even though he mistreated him all his life. Moving on, Gael says that "When we become excellent Drs., we will develop a treatment so nobody ever has to have a transplant. All your life you've had to worry about your health and now you've got your health and you've got me for your the rest of your life." Sweet kisses follow. Aaaahhh.

Fiorella and Pedro go to her old house. Well, look who's here: her old landlord, the guy who tried to collect money when she was at her father, Mario's, graveside. He calls her a thief and refuses her money when she tries to pay him. Pedro gets in his face and pushes him for talking smack to his lady. . .they start to fight. . . .and then hug! Hey! It was all a joke! Oh, you guys! Pedro has actually bought her old house for her as a wedding present. Doh!

There is a beautiful scene of Fiorella, Pedro, Gianna, Gael, Julieta, Santino and Sergio walking through a corridor of old growth trees. Fiorella tells them her parents would have loved Santino and Julieta. They walk to the cemetery. Fiorella leaves a wedding invitation at her father's graveside.

Fiorella and Gianna embrace as they sit on the steps of their old house. They talk about the upcoming church wedding when the sound of music wafts up over the hillside. The girls look down and see Santino, Pedro, Gael and Sergio with three musicians. Santino (Marco di Mauro) and Pedro serenade them in Italian with Niente di Niente (Nada de Nada).

Fiorella sits in bed while Julieta stands at the balcony of their hotel room seemingly lost in the heart stopping blue skies and sea below her. Fiorella wistfully recalls her childhood dream of marrying her Principe Azul, her Prince Charming, and now that day is finally here! Julieta is wearing a form fitting dress in a blue color that rivals the sea. (Fix it up now, y'all know I don't do wardrobe commentary but blue is my favorite color!) Julieta comes over and sits on the bed. Fiorella tells her that what is important that she is with her mother on this special day. Julieta is touched and cries that Fiorella has called her "mama" for the first time. They tell one another that each is the most beautiful daughter and the most beautiful mother in the world. The ringing of the church bells sends them out to the balcony where they erupt into peals of laughter and jumping for joy! It's Fiorella's wedding day!

Outside the church a large crowd waits with Pedro, Gael, Gianna, Sergio, Santino and Julieta. They begin a rhythmic clapping and chanting for the bride. Fiorella arrives in a white convertible Fiat waving at the joyful gathering. Santino helps her down and she flows into Pedro's arms. What's this! Eloisa has arrived in a soft, cream colored pant suit, her hair in an updo and she looks fresh and younger. The family greets her with surprise and warmth. The crowd is still clapping rhythmically. Eloisa walks Pedro down the aisle, then follows the Priest and altar boys, then Santino escorts Fiorella with two girls carrying her train. Sergio accompanies Julietta, followed by Gael and Gianna.

The ceremony begins to the melodic strains of Ave Maria. Gianna and Gael bring the bejeweled lasso and place it around Fiorella and Pedro. Pedro gives Fiorella the coins from an ornate silver filigree box and then places the wedding ring on her finger. Fiorella is lost in prayers of thanksgiving for her cara larga (long faced) husband, her adoptive parents and Mario Bianchi, who helped her be the woman she is today. She has to be prompted to answer if she will take Pedro as her husband. "Claro que si!" she finally answers and Pedro follows suit, hesitating, looking around with a sly smile before answering, "Te amo tanto, Fiorella, por supuesto que si!" They are pronounced husband and wife and the gathering, and the Patio, is treated to those famous hungry guppy kisses of Pedro's that Fiorella likes so much. Julieta and Eloisa are really misty-eyed. Everyone applauds and our theme song plays!

The reception is in the town square. There is a long table festooned in white. Fifi and Petey arrive on a red motorcycle. There is much clapping and jumping up and down. The bride and groom stand on chairs and form an arbor with their arms that people dance under. A mariachi bands arrives and plays and Pedro showers everyone with champagne! A big hulking guy hoists Fiorella on his shoulder and the men throw Pedro clean up in the air! WHEEE!!

I guess a love scene is too hot for the 7:00 patio so we get a pretty chaste little snippet of Pedro and Fiorella in their suite at night in the tub. . .I am the happiest woman in the world!" "I love you Fiorella, you are so beautiful, I never get tired of looking at you, kissing you and calling you 'my love.' Adonde va Nuestro amor. . .

The next morning at the dock there is a long "see you later" as Pedro and Fiorella prepare to go off on their honeymoon. Sergio, Julieta, Santino, Gael, Gianna, and Eloisa are there. Fiorella is holding forth in mother hen mode fussing at Gianna to take care of her heart. Pedro and Fiorella will live in Maratea and surprise! Gael and Gianna are going to do some specialty training (perhaps Pediatric residency or a Fellowship) in Italy but first they have to return to Mexico to finish the semester out. Julieta and Santino also have a surprise for the newlyweds: They are going to live in Maratea as well to be close to Pedro and Fiorella! Santino tells her to enjoy her honeymoon as she enjoys her life, to treasure every moment. Pedro tells Sergio to take care of Pilar and behave himself. Hugs and kisses all around. Uh oh! Hold the phone. A gentleman of a certain age walks up. Eloisa introduces him as Joseph. He is an old friend and has invited her to go on a Mediterranean cruise on his yacht! There is laughter and clapping. Eloisa tells them, "I already told him we were just going to talk!" HA! Well, if that ain't a selfie moment! Fiorella whips out her telescoping selfie stick and takes a picture of the whole crew. Fiorella and Pedro finally board their love boat and begin to sail away. Ah, he can't wait, alone at last. "Oh, but we're not, my love. . .because someone is waiting for us." She's preggers! He shouts it to the cuatro vientos and the family back at the dock! Happy shouts and congratulations from the fam and more kisses from Fifi and Petey. They relax and sun. . .and kiss.. .on the deck of the yacht. Fiorella takes a dive in the sea and they kiss some more. vintage mother of the bride dresses

Seven years later Eloisa updates us on the status of the Mighty Angeles Family via a letter she has written to Pedro. These scenes are shown as the corresponding segment is read by Eloisa.

Eloisa stands on the balcony at El Rancho looking out toward the setting sun. I spent my whole life with Maximo learning to be obedient and quiet, remaining silent about anything that was painful, working hard to keep up appearances, guarding the position and prestige of the Angeles family.

Freddie in the prison yard on her hands and knees on the rough pavement and then lying on the bare ground. How could I have known that at the end of my life I would learn so much from so many people. Ambition and material things are not everything. Being rich doesn't insure happiness.

Sergio at ACorp stands at a large screen monitor in the board room before a table full of important looking suits. Pilar enters with some notebooks for Sergio to examine. And one can be suave and debonair and have life given to you on a silver platter, but still be entirely useless. Nothing productive or creative will be accomplished without willpower and personal integrity: be responsible and not a failure as a man.

Gael and Gianna with a passel of cute kids at a pediatric clinic. G/G take a break in examining kiddos to share a kiss. Awwww. One important lesson is to not be self centered and learn to work for the good of others.

Sonia and her little tyke sit at the piano. He seems to be a mischievous little dude, turning the pictures over on the piano and then running off. Sonia rights the pictures and takes a moment to look and sigh, with a smile, at a picture of her and Osvaldo. It's also good to emerge from narcissism and stop pretending you're the only one that matters. You can accomplish great things in life if you can awaken to the precious and special gifts there are in the simplest of moments.

Rey and Adela with Bennie and Roxi's little girl. Roxi comes home from work wearing her crisp Physician's white coat and Bennie enters the room. It's their daughter's birthday. Everyone has to fight for their right to happiness, to enjoy life. That's what I try to do now without trying to control anybody. Giving what I have to give without crying about what I don't have.

Little Osvaldo (yah, that's his name) and Roxi and Benni's little ones run to Eloisa who is sitting at the dining room table. Roxi, Bennie, Sergio, Pilar, Sonia and Fidel enter the room as well and greet Eloisa. Domingo and Simoneta also sit at the table to share a meal with everyone else. And since your granddad left me, I've learned another lesson. Things can always be better. But the most important lesson is to forgive. At this point a translucent Maximo appears at the head of the table and gains solidity and flashes Eloisa a toothy grin. I've learned to forgive myself first, and then everybody else.

Pedro stands by a fence post in a small vineyard at the back of a modest two story farm house. A little girl is in the background. Well, enough of the ramblings of an old lady. I'm anxious to hear news of you and that horrible family you have formed at the side of that silly, ugly little Italian girl. [Eloisa cackles here.]

"Oh, Eloisa Angeles, why do you always make me cry?" says Pedro who has salt at his temples. He kisses the letter and then gathers the little girl to go look for her brother and mother. They find Fiorella in the back yard. Fiorella has retained her girlish figure after two younguns. She's teaching five children Spanish. Pedro approaches with their son [who is screaming bloody murder and reaching for his real mother off camera. Little Pedro is NOT amused at this fake "I'm your baby" thing.] Moments later it's only Pedro, Fiorella and little Fiorellina walking in the vineyard.

I always dreamed of you and me, my love, of us together in this place, loving each other forever." Pedro kisses Fiorellina and she says she loves him, kind of looking in the camera. Fiorella says, "I have also dreamed of this all my life. We have two bambinos, a little Fiorella and a little Pedro, just like I always wanted." They make mutual declarations of love over the head of the embarrassed Fiorellina. They declare she is the most beautiful little girl in all Italy and when Pedro picks her up, she looks like, "well, this is finally fun!" The three walk towards the house as our song swells. They say they're going to look for little Pedro, who's always sleeping, like his dad.