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Wow. This beast of a guide took me a while, but I'm glad to finally share it with you!

In this video, you’ll learn all about counting macros, why it’s important, and how to quit tracking and still be able to reach your fat loss goals. wedding collections With removable cap sleeves

Be sure to check out my full guide on how to count macros here:


Videos referenced:

Stephanie Lee | How Tetris Teaches Us About Meal Planning:

Scales, Not Scoops: how to use a food scale to track macros accurately. :

— TOC —

0:37 - What are macros?

2:28 - Macro counting as a skill

3:27 - Macros create your calorie totals

3:41 - How to read a food label

4:00 - Tracking foods without a label

4:40 - How to track macros accurately

6:20 - Always weigh your food in the raw state

7:45 - Macro counting tools

8:25 - Do I have to count macros forever?

9: 30 - Uniform eating

9:45 - Regular mealtimes

10:30 - How to move away from counting macros

12:10 - Play some macro Tetris // Stephanie’s video:

13:15 - Don’t aim for perfection

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