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After my daughter Priscilla passed away, I left her room the way it was for a few months. A pregnant stray cat was at my door step looking for food. I let her stay in my daughters room untill she gave birth. Five kittens were born, one passed away and I gave the other 3 a good homes. The fifth kitten I names BBY (Baby) was born with a cleft palate and back legs are bold/deformed. The veterinarian gave her six weeks to live. They usually put them down he said. I said I would l ... ike her to live out her life here. She will be 4 years old on September 10th. She had breathing complications 2 weeks ago. They gave her a antibiotic shot. She was back to her normal self again. Now she's not eating and weights only 3 pounds and having difficulty breathing after eating. I bought her back to receive another shot, but its not working. I don't know if she will make it through the night. I got very close to her. She would wake me up every morning to feed her. She is such a sweet cat. I pray that I can get help she needs in time. wedding dresses in peach color

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