wedding wears specially designed for maternity women

The 45% Of your Blood Composition is the Three important Elements of Blood, here's why?
1. Platelets as the Repairer of the broken walls but it also over react and self destruct.
2. Red Blood Cells as the Carrier of Nutrients and Oxygen to let Carbon Monoxide out. Without Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide Stays in the Red Cells and will cause diseases.
3. White Blood Cells as the Cells of the Immune System


So, Avoid injuries from Accidents or from Food Contaminants. Inhale and Exhale and Eat food rich in nutrients and protein from safe and healthy sources or drink chlorophyll to always build your blood oxygen. Important Vitamins are B Complex for the blood. All are needed in every single day to prepare new blood for the next 120 days cycle. wedding wears specially designed for maternity women


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