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Pregnancy Discharge: Yeah It's a Thing

Mysterious discharges during pregnancy can be annoyances or danger signs. How to tell what's normal and what's not


Identify it: Amniotic fluid (your "water") should be clear, but it also can be yellow, pink-tinged, brown or green. And, unlike urine, leakage doesn't happen only sporadically; if your membranes are ruptured, you usually continue to leak fluid. If you're unsure whether it's amniotic fluid or urine, put on an Amniopad and lie down for about 30 minutes. If you feel a small gush when you stand, it could be amniotic fluid. Or if the Amniopad has the following colours: Green or Blue stain, indicates that fluid leak is probably amniotic fluid. In such a case, the user should consult her physician or go to the hospital without delay. If Yellow color (no color change) suggests that the test has been in contact with urine. yellow color wear for mother of the bride

Normal or not: No. Until she goes into labor, a woman should never leak amniotic fluid.

How to deal: Call your doctor immediately. It is always advised that you contact your health care practitioner for evaluation whenever you are feeling any form of wetness

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